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Welcome to the Timeless Gallery Gdynia

The Timeless Gallery Group Showroom in Gdynia is a place where everyone who loves and respects art, who wants to get to know the work of great contemporary artists may come and delight in it; where they can close their eyes and touch the works, feel the artists’ emotions and feelings and understand their thoughts.

The work of such artists as Peter Mandl, Igor Grechanyk, Paul Kaminski, Eric Goede, Marie Madeline Gautier, Jorge Marín, Isabel Miramontes or—the artists whose “offspring” can be admired in Gdynia, is a somewhat dramatic artistic interpretation of life—indeed, it may happen that our “eyes, instead of seeing, are afraid to look” (fragment of the poem “I Look” by Krzysztof Tabaczka), but also an interpretation that is happy, full of love and respect for one’s fellow human beings. These works allow us to understand the power of human emotions more easily. We can see what love can do, how we can make people happy with it, take care of our loved ones. The power of love makes us a part of the divine—an unfathomable power that allows us to overcome any hardship.

In Kamienna Góra (Rocky Hill), Gdynia’s most beautiful neighbourhood, it is impossible not to notice that among the wonderful Modernist villas, there is a magnificent modern townhouse in the first line of development facing the Baltic shore. Looking at its façade, our eyes see the subdued logo of the Timeless Gallery Group. When you enter the building, the entire first floor is at your disposal. When we open the doors of the Showroom, we are suddenly transferred to a better world where we meet a magnificent merging of nature (the cliff by the Baltic Sea shore) with various forms of art and the diversity of the materials used to make it, which come from nature, after all. The interior is rather austere, but allows the art to show itself at its best and in all its splendour, it enables the art to spread its wings. In spite of its austerity, the Showroom is very warm, with a family atmosphere that gives its visitors full freedom of movement. This practically homely atmosphere allows you to turn your thoughts to your own home and imagine yourself there surrounded by art. It is because of its location that the Showroom combines the centre of a modern city, which Gdynia certainly is, with a serenity that is so foreign to the urban hustle and bustle.

The art allows the visitors to feel an inner peace. Here they feel that everyday matters begin to dominate their spiritual, emotional side, when the world of the imagination is alien to today’s rationalism. Here they can get carried away, soak up the impressions with their entire being and leave behind the entire outside world.

When we look at the art displayed at the Gdynia Showroom, delighting in them, noticing the nature that surrounds us out of the corner of our eye, the art begins to speak for itself, multiplying emotions, releasing events from the past. We begin to go back to places and moments when we felt happy, when as children we did not have so many worries or anxieties, and there was always someone to look after us.

Download our catalogue here:  Timeless gallery group catalogue

" I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free "Michelangelo