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About Anton Ter Braak

Anton ter Braak is a Dutch sculptor born in 1960 and lives between Neede and Diepenheim in Holland. In his work horses, bulls, women and abstraction play a major role. Although in recent years he is regularly inspired by other animals, including roosters, bucks or capricorns.

He has developed his own style over twenty years and he enjoys both at home and abroad prominence. Anton’s sculptures stand on the border between abstract and figurative. They are made from the imagination, not reality. What is essential for a woman, bull or horse is exaggerated, perhaps even shown in an idealized form. The material, mostly bronze, does the rest: smooth, polished surfaces, contrasting with rougher parts, a large shadow and a certain classic distinction that almost always associates with bronze. As one of the few artists Anton ter Braak casts bronze partly himself and welds, polishes and applies the patina personally which determine the design and his willful autograph.

In his compact sculptures, Anton knows how to capture the core, the soul in a very personal and powerful way.