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About Eric Goede

Eric Goede is a Dutch sculptor born in 1948 and lives in Wijk bij Duurstede in Holland. For Eric it is about the vital movement of the body. He makes sensual sculptures, preformed in a limitless perfection. In ever sculpture there is a special paradox, Eric’s sculptures are about movement and about cessation. Stilled movements. Fifteen years ago Eric started working as sculptor, before that, he made portraits, but his love goes out to making sculptures. Eric looks for movement, life force, vitality. To catch the ultimate moment that can’t be real -and yet it can- because people live and move. The posture Eric looks for aren’t possible in a stilled sculpture.

The sculptures radiate an almost limitless perfection. They have something surreal: it’s not possible what happens here. At the same time, the figures are vulnerable, soulful and above all sensual. But, although usually women, there are no visible breasts. Because of the moment that Eric chooses, he captures everything, the whole spectrum of feelings, including eroticism. The finishing of the bronze is perfect. He does everything himself, the whole process of making counter molds to patination.